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1. What is Gnie-Mart?

Gnie-Mart is a Caribbean based multi-national e-commerce company that primarily focusses on connecting Caribbean manufacturers and entrepreneurs with millions of consumers across all islands. Additionally, we operate as an online platform to help Caribbean people to shop and buy goods across all islands without any borders or boundaries.

3. I need to sign up before buying or selling products?

For one off purchases, no. However, for multiple or repeated purchases sales and/or sales, both buyer and vendor must register and get verified. It is necessary for your protection, particularly in cases of non-payment or non-delivery of product(s).

5. What type of products are sold on Gnie-Mart?

Gnie-Mart was built for Caribbean entrepreneurs & manufacturers to sell their produce to millions regionally and globally. The goal is to make it easy for businesses to sell and ship direct to consumers quickly. On this platform, you can find for sale, organic products, cosmetics, fashion to building materials.

7. Is my info safe?

Whatever information you provide on our website at the time of registration or check out is 99.9% guaranteed secure. In addition to powerful SSL, we are hosted on powerful cloud servers, in state of the art data centres in northern Europe.

2. How do I create a Gnie-mart account?

It is very easy to get started. Simply click on the register tab on the header menu. Fill in your details on the form which appears on the webpage and click submit. You will get an activation email, followed by an email confirm your account has been verified. Only verified vendors can sell on this site and some seller verification may take longer than others: 1-5 days.

4. Why Gnie-Mart

Gnie-Mart, also known as, is a subsidiary of Gnie Group. Gnie aspiration is to help regional consumers find anything they want via our website or app at the touch of a screen. With Gnie, your wish is our command. Likewise, we bring a larger consumer base to regional entrepreneurs.

6. What is the fee to join & start selling on Gnie.

Gnie-Marketplace is totally free to join for both buyers and sellers. Vendors can upload products and start selling from day one, no coding skills or payment required. However, there is a small commission deducted on sale to cover buyer processing & hosting. No sale - No fee.

8. Why choose Gnie-Mart?

We are the Caribbean No. 1 marketplace for sourcing all things Caribbean made. Products you can rarely get on Amazon, Ebay & other ecommerce sites. We promote direct delivery to your home or office. More importantly, since Covid-19, we have made it easy for regional businesses to migrate online.

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